“Jose Rodriguez guided some of the CIA’s greatest counterterrorism victories, and his story is one of courage, commitment, and decisiveness. In this book, he provides concrete details about the value of the Agency’s interrogation program of terrorists — a program which thwarted terrorist attacks and has made America safer.”

Gen. Michael V. Haden, USAF (Ret.) former Director of Central Intelligence

“Courageous CIA officers putting themselves in harm’s way to proect the nation from ruthless terrorists — only to find they are undercut and second-guessed by posturing politicians. That’s not the plot of some new novel – but the real-life story of Jose Rodriguez.  In Hard Measures he offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the men and women who stopped al Qa’ida;s second-wave of attack and the price they paid for doing so.”

Vince Flynn, New York Times bestselling author of Kill Shot

“I know people who know this man. He is a patriot, a hero, a great guy…”   “I love Jose Rodriguez.”

Rush Limbaugh – Nationally syndicated radio host

“A compelling read” – The Los Angeles Times