Harlow Biography

HARLOW_CIA_PIX_CROPPED-390x293-266x195-241x175Bill Harlow is the co-author of Hard Measures.  He is a writer, consultant and public relations specialist with over thirty years of experience including communications positions in the U.S. government. He spent seven years as the top spokesman for the Central Intelligence Agency under both Democrat and Republican administrations and four years at the White House, serving two Presidents, handling nationalsecurity media matters.

Since August 2004, he has been in private practice.  He is co-founder of
, a media training and crisis communications firm which provides advice to government agencies, industry, trade associations, and prominent public figures.

From 1997 to 2004 he was chief spokesman for the CIA. In that position he dealt with national and international news media on some of the most sensitive issues and operations of the United States government. He coordinated all public communications for the Director of Central Intelligence and was responsible for employee communications throughout the Agency’s worldwide workforce.   Prior to joining the CIA, Harlow had a distinguished 25-year career in the United States Navy retiring with the rank of Captain.

In addition to his military and government communications career, he was co-author of George Tenet’s 2007 New York  Times #1 best seller At the Center of the Storm.  Harlow’s highly acclaimed novel, Circle William, was published by Scribner in 1999 and in paperback by PocketBooks in 2001. Currently, he writes a 15-Seconds blog which critiques the performance of people interviewed in the media.